pregnancy body pillow

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Our ONE OF A KIND luxury body pillow replaces the need for other pillows and provides maximum comfort + support. The Mommyly Pregnancy Pillow relieves pain + body aches allowing a comfortable night's rest for Mom.

Perfect for SIDE sleeping!

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Did You Know That During Pregnancy 78% of Women
Experience More Disturbed And Uncomfortable Sleep?
Our Pregnancy Body Pillow Fixes That!

Introducing the All-New Mommyly Pregnancy Body Pillow!

Mommyly pillows support all areas of the body taking into account the stresses and strain endured throughout pregnancy.

Rest assured our full body pillow improves circulation, relieves body aches, and allows you to relax in literally ANY position.

Reclaim your comfort and relax in absolute BLISS!

Being Pregnant is Supposed to Be The Happiest Time Of Your Life!

High quality breathable materials to combat temperature fluctuations

Full Body Support: Relieves muscle aches and supports head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, ankles and feet

Luxurious, soft, velvet cover is machine-washable

Effortless and easy side sleeping for better night's sleep

Hypoallergenic: taking into account your sensitivities throughout pregnancy

Portable: Take it anywhere. Enjoy dozens of sitting, lounging, and sleeping positions

Design And Shape

The unique U-shaped design and snug feel allow for safe and comfortable feeding, resting, and sleeping.

The design was constructed to eliminate tossing and turning and promote health and wellness.


Make the most of our features including a built-in cup or snack holder, and integrated side pocket.

Limitless Uses!

Perfect for sleeping, journaling, reading, nursing, watching TV, playing on iPad, or even relaxing outside depending on how you position your pillow! Enjoy during pregnancy AND after baby is born.

Treat yourself to the one of a kind Mommyly ™ body pillow.
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Martha D.  -  Tampla, FL

"I love this pillow! It's supportive in all the right places. The pillow makes sleeping so comfortable in ALL positions!"

Hayden C.  - Des Moines, IA

"By far the most comfortable pillow I've lounged in... highly recommend."

Alexandria L.  -  Laguna Beach, CA

"I was experiencing terrible back pain during my pregnancy and decided to try out the Mommyly body pillow. I used it a lot in the evenings to help sleep and my third trimester pains were reduced!"